Cat Spray Just Scratches the Surface

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Felissimo combined
Magical cat spray makes anything smell like cat’s forehead (

Perusing the website is astounding.  There are more unusual and unique cat products at which you could probably shake a tall canister of catnip.   However, the initial introduction to the site was via press release with regard to their new cat spray.

Essentially, the cat spray, according to the release, smells like a cat’s forehead and from trying to translate the translation is meant to be sprayed on items such as sheets, pillowcases and cushions.  For someone who may be in a position where they cannot have a cat, this may be a good solution, although not having smelled it; one can only hope the release is accurate.

Felissimo cat coin pursesSo, back to the Felissimo website, it has all kinds of intriguing cat-related marvels. In fact, they are all conveniently located in an exclusive section, called the Cat Club, devoted to things for and about cats or, as they call it, “lovely kitten sundries.”  There are stickers you put on the wall next to places your cats have scratched.  Presumably it keeps them away from that area.   Kitten-themed masking tape, tiny kittens that are pen holders, Kitty Badge set (which are bandages), water bottle holder/cushion that looks like a cat curled up in your lap, and so many other unique items the list could go on…and on…and on…and on, further.
Felissimo cat pen holders Felissimo cat bandages

From underwear to kitty paw stampers, you may just be able to find goodies for cat lovers of which you would have never dreamed.  Not even in your wildest imagination.  If nothing else, it is worth a look at the site to see the wonders and with it being holiday time, you may just find the perfect gift or that little something you just can’t live without.  Like a cat ear head turban.

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