Cat shot with 40 pellets is recovered and looking for good home

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Target was brought to a local vet after being found injured and unable to walk. In addition to broken femurs, vets found he’d been hit with 40 air-rifle pellets. The sweet boy has recovered over the past several months and is now ready for a good, safe and loving home.

Target was brought to Hayle Veterinary Surgery in Hayle, Cornwall, UK, last March, with injuries that shocked veterinary staff, who have cared for the sweet kitty since that time.

Hayle vets wrote at Facebook on November 21, telling Target’s story and asking that animal lovers please share, in hopes of finding the right home for the cat, saying:

Loving home needed.

Target is a male neutered black cat, approx 6yrs old who has had a hard life. Earlier this year he was brought to the surgery after being found unable to walk. On examination we discovered he had fractured both of his femurs (hind leg bones) and X-Ray showed that he had been shot with over 40 metal pellets which were lodged all over his body, from his head and face to his toes.

Despite all these horrendous injuries he was still purring and craving attention. No owner could be found, so we repaired his fractured legs, removed as many pellets as possible and he went to live with [veterinary practice partner] Steve [Wyatt] and his family for recovery and rehabilitation.

Several months on he is now ready to find a forever home.

Due to his traumatic past it is important he finds the right home – quiet with no other pets. He needs plenty of love, but he is also very cautious and he will need time to gain trust. If you feel you could give this little man the loving home he deserves please contact the surgery on 01736 754111.

Please share [this Facebook post] amongst your friends as he really does deserve a second chance.

BBC News Cornwall shared target’s story today.  Hopefully, this boy who has suffered so much will finally find the good home he deserves.

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  1. You keep at it, little guy, and don’t give up. Here’s hoping you have a long, healthy life filled with the respect and love you both deserve and have earned.

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