Cat Sends SOS to Get Itself Rescued

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Farmer Allan Prestegard holds Angel who alerted him to her plight of being trapped in the tractor. Wife Bonnie holds Dottie, whose love os sitting on top of the tractor may have lead Angel astray. (Photo: Elizabeth Nida Obert / [email protected])


When farmer Allan Prestegard spotted the hazard lights on his tractor blinking the night following the plowing of snow on his property, he went to check the machine to make sure everything was okay. What is found was his cat, Angel, who had somehow gotten trapped inside.

From what Prestegard can figure, the cat, whom he found curled up on the tractor seat, must have jumped on the dash and flipped the switch, having snuck in through the back window the farmer had opened to get some ventilation in the sun-drenched cab.

“I opened the door and she came over to get petted, and then she was on her way,” Prestegard told the Post Bulletin adding “…Angel must have looked in the owner’s manual under ‘what to do when a cat gets trapped.’”

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