Cat Saved from Flood Waters by Good Citizen

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What may seem small in someone else’s eyes could be the world to someone else.  In the midst of a flood, as cars drive by, creating waves while the skies continue to rain down, a man sees something no one else has…or cares to acknowledge.  A tiny kitty, huddles next to a building, soaked to the bone, and undoubtedly scared.  This kind man runs out into the flood across a busy street to gather up the poor feline and bring it into the safety of his car.

First, the fact that the man was so observant is to be commended. Second, that he took the time to get out of his own vehicle to save the cat, not just video tape and wait for something to happen, tragic or otherwise, shows true compassion.  Sometimes it is easier to sit by and let someone else to the right thing.  However, it is better when we choose to do the right thing ourselves.

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