Cat Returns Home One Year After Flood

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Satan’s back! The cat disappeared during last year’s High River, Alberta flood of June 20, 2013 when authorities conducted a house-to-house search. He returned home this past Monday.

Ev Neighbour and her husband Chad were away from home when the flood hit High River, a community just south of Calgary, so Ev contacted her son Lowell and asked him to take Satan to his house on the other side of town, which was less likely to flood. As it turned out, Ev’s house was spared but Lowell’s house flooded and he was unable to return home to collect Satan.

Lowell thought Satan would be fine with the food and water on hand until the evacuation order was lifted, but things did not go as planned. RCMP officers conducting a house-to-house search of the flooded areas kicked in the door to Lowell’s house to make a safety check and Satan took off.

Ev contacted the local animal rescue Heaven Can Wait about Satan during the evacuation and was told they’d found the door open and no sign of the cat.

Ev felt Satan had survived and, when he didn’t return to home or to Lowell’s house, she figured he may have moved in with someone else.

Speaking of the 13 year old cat she’d raised from a tiny kitten, Ev told the Calgary Herald: “I thought, he’s just a big mean old cat and he’s moved in with somebody and is running their house.”

“We always said, one of these times, he’ll just turn up. But you just don’t know and you hope for the best.”

This Monday Chad found Satan sitting on the windowsill waiting to be let in. He was dirty and thinner but appeared to be healthy. He is settling in to his old life back at home.


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