Cat Returns Home Bound in Duct Tape

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Nellie returned to her Nanaimo, BC home yesterday morning wrapped in brown duct tape, with her feet bound and her tail taped to her body.The cat was in obvious distress. This is the second time Nellie has been targeted this way, and the latest of a spate cat taping incidents with pets in the same neighborhood. A few weeks ago Nellie was found with her feet bound in green painter’s tape.

Nellie’s petmom Jennifer Paloposki took her cat to Island Veterinary Hospital, where the tight wrappings were carefully removed, taking some fur with them. Nellie will remain indoors for at least as long as it takes to find out who is performing the bizarre acts on local cats.

Jennifer Paloposki said, “I think these people have gone too far.”

It’s the fourth case of duct taped paws the hospital has seen. “I am always embarrassed being human when I see something like this,” said veterinarian Ken Langelier. The tape was so tightly wrapped on the cat’s paws and tail that it ripped the cat’s fur off. “It’s animal cruelty. As far as the cat goes it obviously in distress the way it was chewing at the tape. They use their tail for balance and it’s uncomfortable for the cat.”

The vet is calling for the person or people responsible to be found. The RCMP is conducting an investigation and the BC SPCA is assisting. RCMP promises a press conference later in the week.



10 thoughts on “Cat Returns Home Bound in Duct Tape”

  1. I am so sadden that this cat has suffered so much pain and agony from the hands of a cruel cruel person/persons not once but twice in her life. I really hope one day soon for those people whom see fit think its okay to do this to our animals should be brought to justice. I truly hope deep down in my heart that the RCMP can find these animal abusers and punish them for what they did 🙁

    I hope she’s recooperating well, I would love to know how she is doing.

    Thank you Kindly

    Karen <3

  2. Paws crossed that the kitty gets better soon, and also hoping that the parents of this fur-baby will now realize that their kitty is safest from all the cruel idiots out there if she is kept inside (especially since this happened to the cat not once, but twice). Indoor cats live much longer and healthier lives, and are away from the hands of such cruel people (not to mention predators, disease, vehicles, just to name a few) when indoors. Contrary to what many people think, cats can’t take care of themselves, and this is a result of one of the times that they can’t.

  3. So this has happened before to this cat? WTF? KEEP YOUR DAMN CAT INDOORS!!!! They do NOT have to go outside!!!

  4. I am a cat lover and am saddened by all the cruelty, however, would you let your dog roam loose? Then why would you let your cat? These are our pets, not wild animals. They are subject to all kinds of danger and disease while allowing them to roam freely. Aside from the animal being at risk, I don’t appreciate any animal using my property as a litter box or fire hydrant, only to step in it while mowing the lawn or getting out of my car. In my town, there is an ordinance about letting your pets run loose without supervision.

  5. Number one is keep the kids indoors!!!! DUH. Cats do not belong outside. People need to get this through their skulls.

    Then I do hope they find this bastards and tape his balls to his back.

  6. I totally agree…especially since this happened once already! If you truly love your cat, keep them indoors!!

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