Cat Returns Back Home to Woman Battling Cancer

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Baby Cat was rehomed to a new life as a barn cat, but she left her kittens and, over the course of four weeks, walked the 15 miles back to the woman who needed her and the place she still considered her home. Since then, Baby Cat has not left the woman’s side.

29 year old Haley Nichols says she recently made the difficult decision to give up Baby Cat and her two kittens because she couldn’t pay the pet fees at her apartment complex in Tuscumbia, Alabama.

Pets Are Worth Saving, P.A.W.S., headquartered in nearby Florence, took the cats, spayed them then relocated them 15 miles away on a farm in Spring Valley.

“I thought she’d be happier because she always wanted outside here, and I knew she was going to be in a barn and stay with her babies,” said Haley. “I thought it was perfect and that she’d be happier, and I wanted to do what’s right for my pets.”

Within a few weeks of giving Baby Cat up, Haley was found to have stage three cervical cancer and underwent surgery immediately. Back home following surgery, Haley fell asleep on the couch. She awake to a wonderful surprise the next day.

“I woke up and there was a cat at my window. I looked and I was like that can not be Baby Cat. It can’t be,” she said. “I reached and opened the door and she ran in and meowed and I thought that it can’t be her, but she has a very distinctive meow.”

“I really feel like she knew I had cancer and she wanted to be here with me, because her timing was impeccable. I was in Birmingham for four days and the day after I got home, she was in that window the very next morning. I just couldn’t believe it,” said Haley.

“My cat knew I wasn’t ok and she came back home. I think she’s here watching over me,” said Haley. “I just feel blessed to have her back, and I know that she’s going to make my healing process better because she’s like a friend.”

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