Cat Rescued From Tree in St. Paul

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St. Paul cat rescue from tree 1 (1)
Firemen from St. Paul Fire Station 7 give little girl back her kitty who had been stuck in a pine tree for over 48 hours in near zero degree temperatures (Photo: Lisa Andrews)

It may seem like a cliché on some level, firemen rescue a cat from a tree, but it really does happen as evidenced in St. Paul, MN.

Lisa Andrews, nine months pregnant, and her two daughters could hear their kitty up in the pine tree.  The cat had been up there for over 48 hours and now the mews were growing fainter.  With temperatures at two degrees and dipping lower, they were understandably upset.

They had tried reaching kitty with a neighbor’s ladder, but when that proved too short, Lisa drove several blocks to the local firehouse.  She was buzzed into the building and shared photos of the tree, pleading her case, and they quickly agreed to help.

St. Paul cat rescue from tree 1 (2)
Dramatic photos of kitty rescue. (Photos: Lisa Andrews)

St. Paul cat rescue from tree 1 (5) St. Paul cat rescue from tree 1 (4) St. Paul cat rescue from tree 1 (3)

The firemen showed up with two trucks from St. Paul Fire Station 7, a crew of firefighters, and their chief, all at the ready to rescue their cat. The kitty was brought down successfully and placed into the arms of one of the little girls who had not long before been sitting in the window crying knowing that her cat may die.  Lisa shared with local news channel Fox 9 that she doesn’t know if the firemen really know the impact they made on their family.  Not only did they save the kitty’s life, they returned faith to a family, and to a little girl, who was certain their cat was not going to make it down from that tree alive.

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