Cat Rescued From Rubble of Indy Blast After 6 Days

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The Olvey family, Glenn, Gloria and their two teen aged children, were hard hit by the massive explosion that damaged or destroyed 80 homes in the Richmond Hills subdivision in Indianapolis, Indiana last Saturday night. Their home sat next to the house that exploded.

One Olvey family member was blown from the living room into the kitchen and three were trapped under debris. They were helped by neighbors and an off-duty Lawrence firefighter, and all got out of the house before it caught fire, with only minor injuries.

The Olveys have four pets; two dogs and two cats.  One dog, named Cindy, escaped the house and waited for the family by a back fence. Aimee, a miniature pinscher, was found dragging a blanket in the house and was taken to the shelter, where the family later reclaimed her. Aimee was featured in earlier reports on pets affected by the blast, and could be seen taking her little blanket around with her at the shelter. Another cat, Socker, was trapped and returned to the family by Animal Care and Control, which has been on the scene, assisted by Indyferal staff and volunteers, searching for and trapping fearful and disoriented pets traumatized by the explosion.

On Friday afternoon, the Olvey’s fourth pet was found. Gidget, a black 7 yearold American shorthair cat, was hiding behind a couch when an ATF investigator stumbled upon her. She was frightened but uninjured.  How she survived is anyone’s guess.

Family members told fire officials they were thankful for everyone’s efforts.

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Cat saved from blast site 6 days later


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