Cat Rescued From Roof After 7 Days, Thanks to Group Effort

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The San Antonio Feral cat Coalition was instrumental in helping a community cat stranded on an apartment complex roof for 7 days, coming to the aid of the man feeding the cat, who watched helplessly, unable to bring Shadow down.

Shadow got up on a roof at the Thai (sp.?) Terrace Village apartment complex in San Antonio just over a week ago and remained there for 7 days before all of the right people and elements came together to get her down on Friday. Richard Hensley, whose wife feeds the cat, became frustrated when his efforts to help Shadow were met with hostility on the part of the apartment complex management, and lack of action by the agencies he called.

Richard made comments to local channel 29 on the day of the rescue, to the effect that while it is a crime to actively hurt an animal, it was considered a matter of “letting nature take its course” for the cat to be allowed to suffer organ damage and slowly die from lack food and water out on the hot roof.

Once Richard called the San Antonio Feral Cat Coalition, things fell into place, and the rescue was made. The organization got animal care services to come out,but the agency said they were not capable to making a roof rescue, and would not be able to assist without the property owner’s permission.

A tree trimming business then came in response to a call for a job, and made the rescue.  The tree men used their 33 foot ladder to reach the roof, and scared Shadow into going down when they climbed onto the roof themselves.

The apartment complex’s threats to call police and have the rescuers thrown off the property came to nothing, perhaps because a news crew from local channel 29 was on the scene recording events for a TV broadcast.

We were unable to share the video on the story, but you can watch it by clicking HERE.


Richard Hensley wrote to thank the group, posting at their Facebook page:

“Thanks to members of the Feral Cat Coaliton, a cat that was trapped on a 2 story apartment building for 7 days was finally rescued. The “management” of the apartments was extremely hostile, 311, Animal Control, the fire department, all said it was not their policy to rescue cats. The cat, named Shadow, was fixed and had the shots, but was wary of all except my wife who fed her and his twin sister. After signing waivers and having channel 29 on hand, tree trimmers were called in and effected the rescue around 4 Pm Friday. Shadow escaped, but showed up at 10 PM, ate 3 cans of cat food, and drank a lot of water.

“My wife & I appreciate all the help of your coalition and especially Mary Bird, BJ, Kristen and many others who called and offered help. Without their help,we would have had to watch Shadow slowly die on that hot roof.”

Channel 29 posted an update tonight, saying that Shadow had been eating and drinking and is expected to live. They do not mention whether she has seen a vet. Shadow is ear tipped, as can be seen in the photo here.

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