Cat rescued from grain elevator

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A cat trapped in a grain elevator is finally rescued and back home five weeks after he first disappeared.

Covington, Ohio resident Kathy Gilmore spotted her missing cat Elliott trapped several stories off the ground in a grain elevator near her home and heard his cries, but she was distraught at being unable to free him.

The renter of the property was reluctant to let anyone gain access to the structure, so Kathy had to listen to her cat cry without being able to help.

WHIO news helped publicize the story by running continuing coverage and a retired firefighter was finally allowed to go in with a trap. The firefighter brought the trap up into the grain elevator on Monday, July 21 but Elliott was skittish and didn’t enter it until Wednesday, the 23rd, when he was finally rescued.

Kathy says Elliott was trapped in the grain elevator for at least two weeks of the five he was missing. He may have been trapped there the entire time.

“I am so overwhelmingly happy to have my cat home with me, and alive,” Kathy said on camera during WHIO’s report on the happy resolution to the story. “I’m going to fatten him up as soon as I get home. I just love him.”

“I am just so happy,” she said.

You can watch WHIO’s three short reports on the story or just skip to the last one for the happy ending.

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  1. What a heartless and uncaring person this man must be. There are ways to rescue a animal in distress like this but he wasn’t even willing to try – probably becausd somehow money was involved. No caring for animals, no caring for people.

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