Cat Rescued From Garbage Bin the Night Before Trash Day

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Lola the cat is very lucky that she’s alive. The five-year-old cat was dumped into a garbage bin the day before the trash was to be collected.

Allyson Gibson, of the UK, believes that neighborhood kids must have thrown her cat into the garbage bin. The bin was tall and largely empty; Gibson doesn’t believe that Lola could possibly have gotten into the bin on her own.

But luckily for Lola, Gibson’s twelve-year-old daughter, Lottie, heard the cat from within the house. Lottie came upstairs around 11:00 pm when Gibson had already gone to bed. Lottie alerted her mom to the noises, and luckily Gibson listened to Lottie.

Gibson rescued Lola from the garbage bin, and just in time – the trash was due to be collected the next morning, and Lola might not have survived.

Gibson has reached out to warn other pet owners via Facebook and plans to alert the police and the RSCPA.

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