Cat Rescued From Debris of Home Demolished After Sandy Damage

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Patches, with T. Fraler from the NJSPCA and Henry Bragg

Patches, as he is being called, was rescued last Monday by Public Works construction worker Henry Bragg at a Hurricane Sandy debris dump site on a parking lot in Seaside Park, New Jersey. The lot is piled with a mountain of debris from storm damaged homes that have been demolished and trucked to the site.

Patches is thought to have weathered the storm in the house, and remained within as it was demolished and then loaded onto the truck that brought the debris to the dump site. Henry Bragg saw the cat jump through the debris as the wreckage of the house was unloaded at the dump site. Bragg ordered the driver to stop, jumped out of his truck and managed to catch the kitty. He kept the cat safe and warm in his truck while he waited for an officer from the NJSPCA to arrive.

Patches was given food and taken to a temporary animal shelter at Toms River North High School. Officials are trying to locate Patches’ family. He will only be put up for adoption if his family cannot be found.

Henry Bragg says it’s amazing that Patches went through everything he did and came out in such good shape.


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  1. Good luck Patches! I hope your family finds you! And if something prevents that (like what if they don’t have a home to bring you to anymore?), then I hope the shelter is able to keep you until they can, or a new family steps up.

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