Cat rescued by Police from Tempe AZ drain has surgery, prepares to go to new home

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Elli was thought to be an Eli when she was pulled up from a drain where she had been trapped for several days, but her true gender was discovered during her post-rescue veterinary exam.  ATempe AZ police officer brought her to safety a week ago, on Saturday, December 3, after apartment complex residents had tried without success to rescue her.

It was apparent to all that Elli had a problem with one eye from the moment she surfaced. Lost Our Home Pet Foundation brought Elli to a veterinarian, where it was determined that she her injured eye needed to be removed, and she needed dental surgery.

Elli does not have a microchip and her family has not come forward. Apartment complex residents say that Ellie was left behind by a tenant who moved.

Local new station ABC15 broadcast Elli’s rescue, and a viewer who came forward after seeing her rescue story will adopt the cat after she has recovered from her surgeries.

Update from Lost Our Home Pat Foundation, from today: “The update is that Eli, now Elli a female underwent surgery to remove her eye since it was determined painful and could get worse if not removed. She was also spayed and is recovering well. once she is fully recovered, they need to clean her teeth so hopefully end of next week that can happen. We have a pending adoption for her.   She is the absolute sweetest cat and so affectionate and has touched many people with her personality and story.”

Here is the video from last Saturday/s rescue. It ends a bit abruptly.

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  1. who wouls leave such a pretty baby? i just dont get it.. remember we are guardians not owners! big difference. I think they should contact the former owner and she should be charged with abandoning her. that was cruel…

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