Cat Rescue Seeks Owner as First Action

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Do you recognise this cat?

A gorgeous cat, which Franklin Cat Rescue believes is a Birman, was seen wandering area neighborhoods around the town of Franklin, New Zealand, for about four months when it was finally collected.  The cat has been with the rescue since August 5, and they have been actively seeking the owner, although with no microchip or collar, it makes things all the more difficult.

Melanie Marshall, Franklin Cat Rescue’s founder, shared they have been trying to get the word out in the hopes the owner will come forward, but they are not revealing any critical information such as sex, age, or distinctive markings, requesting verbal confirmation or photos to verify ownership.  She did say the cat had been desexed, and appeared healthy and well-fed, so someone has been looking after it.  Marshall is hoping someone who has been in contact with the cat will step up so she can sort out additional details in their efforts to find the cat’s owner.

The next steps will be getting the cat vaccinated and microchipped, but not until the waiting time for the owner has passed, before making it ready for adoption and a forever home if no one claims it.

You can follow along with the story on Franklin Cat Rescue’s facebook page. This is also a good reminder to make sure your pets are microchipped or, at the very least, tagged with contact information.


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