Cat Overcoming Amputation and Searching for Forever Home

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Randi (2)

Randi was one of seven feral red tabby kittens in the yard of an elderly man.  Four adults also lived there.  The man, in his 90s, and his caretaker were happy to feed the cats but wanted everyone spayed/neutered and hoped for a better life for the kittens.  Thundering Paws, a non-profit rescue organization in the Austin area, sent trappers who swept in and trapped three adults and four kittens the first night, and an adult and two kittens the next.  All adults were spayed/neutered and returned.  The last kitten, Randi, refused to be trapped and her capture was the most crucial as there was clearly something wrong with her left hind leg!

After four days of setting traps, they finally captured Randi.  Because the cats were in Austin, they were able to get a voucher to cover part of the cost of her care from Austin Animal Center.  And, because of Thundering Paws’ connections with other groups, they knew a great orthopedic veterinarian, Dr. Lewis.  He gladly gave them a discount because of their 501 (c)(3) status, and they whisked Randi off to him.

Because of the age and severity of the injury, Randi’s left hind leg was amputated.  Her right patella, or knee cap, was also dislocated. However, Dr. Lewis wanted to wait until she was a little older to repair it.

Randi came back to Thundering Paws all “cattitude,” hissing and spitting at anyone who looked at her!  Her feral but calm brothers and sisters were learning to be touched, held and petted, but no one could get near Randi.  That is, until a staff member Everett met her.  A cat whisperer, Everett is now fostering and taming her.

Randi is currently awaiting her second surgery.  After surgery, she will spend further time with Everett for more  loving care and taming.  Like her siblings, Randi will be placed for adoption, but only when she is ready – no matter how long it takes.
Run by donations, Thundering Paws Animal Sanctuary is asking for contributions to help with the care, which includes Randi’s surgeries,  of this family.  All donations may be made through the website,, or sent to P. O. 1555, Dripping Springs, TX 78620.


Thundering Paws is a no-kill, non-profit animal sanctuary located near South Austin, Texas. They provide shelter, food, water, spaying/neutering, vaccinations, veterinary care and lots of love and attention to all of their residents.

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  1. Love it when people take a cat that really needs that extra special time and nurturing. They’ll be be so glad they did.

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