Cat Nearly Loses Sight After Rescue and Finds Forever Home

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Olaf now
Olaf Today

Olaf was found lying on a sidewalk-extremely sick, starving and barely able to move-during one of this past winter’s worst snowstorms. He was immediately rushed to Paws and Whiskers Cat Shelter.

While he was recovering, they noticed that Olaf was having trouble with his eyes (and not just his funny little crossed eyes). A trip to a specialist in Ann Arbor, Michigan revealed that Olaf had agenesis, meaning he was born without most of his upper eyelids. This meant he was in constant pain because he could not close his eyes or blink. And without surgery, Olaf would go blind.

Thankfully, there are many kind people out there who donated generously so that Olaf could have his sight and no longer be in pain! Olaf had his surgery on March 10, 2014. The surgery involved taking grafts from the corners of his mouth and stitching them above his eyes to make new eyelids.

Recovery has not been easy for Olaf. For the first several weeks, he had to endure eye drops three times a day, having his eyes soaked and wiped four times a day, in addition to various pills. Yet Olaf never complained, even rolling over for belly rubs once he would hear “all clear!” Olaf also felt that he was wearing a “cone of shame” for weeks, but also learned to creatively use it to his advantage, scooping up toy mice with it and then flipping them across the room!

Olaf had a recheck with the doctor on April 14th and is doing very well! Doctor Sila felt the grafts were “taking” as well or better than expected and Olaf is blinking more and more each day.  The doctors do not think there will be any further complications from the surgery and he no longer needs the daily eye drops.

Olaf recovering from surgery
Olaf recovering from surgery

Even after all that Olaf had been through, he would greet his foster parents every day with a mew and begs for a belly rub. He just loves to be loved!

Even more impressive is the recent turn that Olaf’s life has taken. After so many struggles and fears of finding a forever home, Olaf was adopted on May 6th!


Olaf’s story is just one that represents the work that Paws and Whiskers Cat Shelter does on a daily basis. Paws and Whiskers is Toledo, Ohio’s only no-kill, all feline facility. They are a 501(c)3, non-profit organization specializing in the care and placement of cats into forever homes.

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