Cat Nearly Dies, Makes Amazing Recovery & Becomes Kitty “Ambassador”

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min profile (2)This past August 13 looked like it would be a normal day for the volunteers at Crash’s Landing, a no-kill cat rescue organization in Grand Rapids, Michigan. One of the volunteers was wrapping up a very regular day when the doorbell suddenly rang. Thinking it was a UPS or Amazon delivery, the volunteer opened the door only to be met by two women crying and holding a small grey and white cat. They went on to say that the cat couldn’t move its legs, couldn’t stand and was clearly in distress.

Since they don’t take cats directly into their shelter, the volunteer called director and founder, Dr. Jen, and headed straight to Clyde Park Veterinary Clinic. The cat was immediately named Minette, because she didn’t have a minute to spare. Dr. Jen quickly assessed her and came to the conclusion that Minette had been hit by a car and suffered severe neurological trauma. She was also having mild seizures and was blind, though Dr. Jen was confident that she would regain her sight in time.

To make matters worse, Minette was anemic, terribly emaciated and dehydrated, weighing only 4.8 pounds! It was unclear whether these were a byproduct of her trauma or whether she was already starving before the accident.

Dr. Jen went to work on her immediately, pumping her full of fluids, giving her broad spectrum antibiotics, and a whopping dose of steroids to counteract everything she had going on. Though she ate a tiny bit of canned food, they weren’t sure that Minette would pull through the night. However, after many prayers offered her way, Minette proved to be quite the fighter, beating the odds and greeting Dr. Jen in the morning yelling her little head off.

In the following days and weeks, Minette had her shares of ups and downs. As a result of being hit by a car, road rash (deep bruising and abrasions) surfaced all over her little body. She also had unusually thin skin so the abrasions could not be sutured closed, so Dr. Jen had to get creative with sterile wraps and gauze.

On a good note, Minette’s blood work seemed better and her sight was returning. For over a month, Minette became Dr. Jen’s constant companion, traveling home with her and then back to the clinic. Dr. Jen formed a deep bond with the little cat!Minette collage 10.14.13 (2)

Weeks later, Minette was up and about and curious about everything. Her sight returned, her wounds closed and her fur is growing back. She currently continues to gain weight and you would never guess the trauma she has been through.

Minette will be a permanent resident of Crash’s Landing as their official “ambassador.” They plan to continue doting on her endlessly and she will be loved and cherished beyond her wildest dreams. Minette represents Crash’s Landing’s dedication to never give up until they have given their all. Though not every cat survives, she is proof that sometimes miracles do happen and they prevail. Her story is one of hope, strength, determination, spirit and a will to survive against the worst of odds.


Crash’s Landing and Big Sid’s Sanctuary are two no-kill animal rescue organizations located in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Their mission is to help abandoned, abused and neglected cats find their way to a better life. The shelters were founded 11 years ago by Dr. Jen Petrovich, a veterinarian who saw the problems that stray cats face and decided she would do what she could to make them safe, healthy and find them loving forever homes.

Big Sid’s Sanctuary is one of the largest shelters in the country, specializing in rescuing FIV+ and FeLV+ cats. They work very hard to reverse the stigma associated with virus-positive cats and show how completely adoptable and utterly loveable they are. Their 130 “Sid’s kids” have the run of a two-story shelter with every creature comfort they could want.

Crash’s Landing, similar to Big Sid’s, has 130 cats in residence though these cats are virus free. Since they specialize in at-risk cats, many have heartbreaking stories. Thankfully, Dr. Jen believes they all deserve a second chance at a better life.

Both shelters are 100% volunteer operated.


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