Cat missing after fire makes remarkable reappearance

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Heartwarming photos of Blake’s reunion with his family via Red Paw at Facebook


A cat missing for a month after a deadly Philadelphia fire ran to a neighbor’s home Friday when he heard his petmom’s voice on speakerphone as she spoke with her former neighbor. The quick-thinking neighbor secured the cat and he was returned to his family. Blake’s family say they felt incomplete without him and they are elated to have him back.

Red Paw Emergency Relief Team – Philadelphia’s nonprofit emergency assistance organization for pets displaced by fires – searched for Blake following the fire and shared the good news that he had turned up and been reunited with his family.

The smiles on the girls’ faces during the reunion show how happy they are to have Blake back with them.

Red Paw Emergency Relief Team told the story at Facebook Saturday, writing:

So we got the craziest call this morning! Blake, who had been missing for a month after the devastating Gesner St fire in Philly, that sadly killed four children, showed up last on his neighbors porch!!!!!!

We searched for Blake for a week after the fire, but couldn’t find him. His mom states that she was on speaker phone with her neighbor and he heard her voice and came running over to the porch! The neighbor she was on with said he was scratching at the window screen, trying to get, so she ran outside and threw a laundry basket on him so he wouldn’t run away!!

She called us this morning to see if we could help get him to a vet to get him checked out and de-fleaed. We sent our vols right over, scooped him up and ran him over to PAWS! He checked out just fine, is now de-fleaed, dewormed, tested, vaccinated and back home with his family where he belongs! And they were SO happy to see him!

They said they were grateful to all be ok and be in a new house, but felt that a piece of them was missing, because their other family member was not there! We are so glad they are all back together again, and that there is a happy ending to a very sad story! 





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