Cat Missing 3 Years Is Reunited With Family After Earthquake

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Fritz went missing 3 years ago and was found after this week’s earthquake in Melbourne, Australia. He was taken to a shelter where his microchip brought him back together with his overjoyed family.

June 20th, 2012 was just another day until an Earthquake measuring 5.3 on the Richter Scale rocked Victoria, Australia. For some it was just a bit of a shake, but it was enough of a shake to get Fritz, a cat who had been lost for 3 years, out of wherever he was hiding!

Fritz was frightened by the quake when he was found hiding in a backyard in the northern Melbourne suburb of Airport West. He was brought to The Lost Dogs’ Home where, after a microchip scan, he was reunited with his owners after 3 long years of waiting!

Laura Kapadia was stunned to learn that Fritz had been discovered at long last as a result of the earthquake, and is overjoyed to have him back. She told a reporter that even though so much time had passed, she still held out hope, and had even kept his things.

Laura thinks Fritz recognized her right away; he purred and allowed himself to be held without any apparent stress.  We get to see the those first moments of the reunion in the video made by Lost Dogs’ Home. Laura says she had been haunted by Fritz’  disappearance and now can’t stop looking at him. He is much loved and his return makes for a very happy reunion.


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