Cat Marshmallows: Squishalicious or Cloying?

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By Samme

Delicious or decadent? You be the judge. Chocolate-filled marshmallows brought to you by the same people who are marketing the spray that smells likes a cat. (Screengrab: Felissimo)

As if we didn’t have enough crazy cat stuff to distract us from real life, along comes a dainty marshmallow treat with a cat face on it. These chocolate filled treats from Japan sell for $21 for a box of 12 and are made by retailer Felissimo, a popular mail order company in Japan.

Cat marshmallow treats by Felissimo are filled with chocolate and are sold by the box. (Screeengrab Felissimo)

“Have you ever just wanted to squish your cat for being so totally adorable?!” coos Huffington Post lifestyle editor Suzy Strutner. How can we say no to that? Strutner says she paid $29 to buy the treats and have them shipped from Japan to New York City. Rocketnews24 called them “too cute to eat” and explained that the candies are called Nyarshmallow, a pun combining the cat’s “nyan,” the Japanese equivalent of meow, and “marshmallow.”

The marshmallow treat may appeal to foodies who are also cat lovers, or anyone into the very precious who is not diabetic. They are decorated as black cats, orange tabbies and calico kitties. We think these would taste much sweeter if part of the profits went to care for the stray cats of Japan.

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