Cat Lost in Vermont Later Turns Up On Martha’s Vineyard

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Image source: Vineyard Gazette
Image source: Vineyard Gazette

When her two-year-old black cat went missing from Readsboro, Vermont, his owner, Fran Hendricks, never could have prepared herself for the call she would receive alerting her that her cat had been found – on Martha’s Vineyard in Massachusetts.

Hendricks had only had the black cat for a few weeks when he escaped through an unlatched dog door. She had adopted the black cat in late November, and hadn’t even named him yet. Hendricks actively searched for the cat, but wouldn’t have any luck until she would learn that he had been found over 200 miles away.

The black cat was discovered wandering around Martha’s Vineyard, and his rescuers brought him to the island’s animal control officer, Anthony BenDavid. BenDavid brought the cat to his home to keep him warm, set him up with a playroom in his basement, and scanned the cat for a microchip. While he did find a microchip, it was registered to a dog located in Alabama.

A few days later, BenDavid received a call from the Second Chance Animal Center in Shaftsbury, Vermont. When the cat’s microchip was scanned, it alerted the shelter because they had been the ones to place the microchip. Thankfully the shelter also had the correct information for the microchip, and they called BenDavid to make sure that the cat he had was, in fact, the cat they had registered and adopted out. Once it was confirmed that the cat was one and the same, the shelter called Hendricks, who was ecstatic, although a bit confused, to hear that her cat had been found on Martha’s Vineyard.

No one knows how the cat made his trip. He may have hitched a ride in a vehicle, or been picked up by someone who assumed he was a stray. Either way, Hendricks arranged to travel out to Martha’s Vineyard to bring him home. She met BenDavid at the ferry terminal.

Even the cat’s trip home would be full of adventure – it began snowing, Hendricks lost control of her car, and it rolled over. Luckily Hendricks and the cat were both fine, though the car was a loss.

Hendricks is still trying to decide on a name for the cat. He was named Boxer by the Second Chance Animal Center, but at this point, a Martha’s Vineyard-inspired name may be more appropriate for the cat.

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