Cat lost for 2 months during Maine winter is found!

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Denise and Cheddar


Indoors-only cat Cheddar was missing for two months during a cold and snowy Maine winter, and had lost half his body weight, before his petmom, who never gave up on her search, found him and brought him home.

Maine Lost Cat Recovery gave encouragement during the search and joyfully announced Cheddar’s homecoming, writing at Facebook on February 25:

“With joy in our hearts and tears in our eyes we share the AMAZING news that Cheddar- missing in Bowdoinham for 2 MONTHS is HOME SAFE TODAY! Indoor only Cheddar was lost away from home, in an unfamiliar area. His mom Denise faced so many obstacles along the way. Her tireless effort finally paid off and she found Cheddar and got him inside.

“Folks- Indoor only Cheddar survived 2 months outside in the Maine winter. Cats are survivors. If you are missing a cat, no matter how long or the season, KEEP LOOKING!!!!! IT IS NEVER TOO LONG or TOO LATE!!! There is ALWAYS HOPE!

“Welcome home Cheddar…… we could not be happier for you and your mom!”

Cheddar’s petmom Denise Ella Tisdale gave details on Cheddar’s recovery, writing at Facebook on February 24 in a post shared to Maine Lost Cat Recovery’s page (see original post below):

“AFTER TWO MONTHS, I FOUND CHEDDAR!! He is back inside, safe and warm!! I received a call of a possible sighting this morning, just two houses down from where I lost him. I went this afternoon to set up a camera. While looking around for the best place for it, I started calling for him, just so he could hear my voice. Immediately after I started calling his name, he started responding to me. At first, I was scared, because I didn’t know where he was, I couldn’t see him, and I couldn’t get to him. I kept calling and he kept responding. I saw movement and just a moment later, out came Cheddar! As soon as he saw me, he walked right to me, without any hesitation. He allowed me to pick him up and carry him to my car.

“Before I lost him, he was weighed at 15.6 pounds. Today, he weighs 7 pounds. As soon as I got him in my car, we drove straight to Woodbrook Animal Clinic, where he will be spending the next couple of nights as he regains health. After two months of not seeing him on either of my cameras, I was starting to feel a little discouraged, but I had faith in my Cheddar. I also had some encouraging friends along the way, who helped keep the hope alive. I want to thank everyone who has helped me in any way!

“Special thanks: Tammy Doughty, for being much more than a senior project mentor and someone that I can turn to for help, especially when it comes to my pets. Maine Lost Cat Recovery, for all the useful tips used to try to get Cheddar back, and all the encouragement I have received from you guys over the past two months. Lost Pet Tracking Dogs, for giving me hope in knowing my cat was still alive and still in the area. I was able to narrow down my search and stay positive. Lauren, for being the friend who was willing to search with me, even on the coldest of days. Jennifer, for being an understanding mother, who was willing to do anything for her daughter in order for her to find her cat. Martha, for being an amazing grandmother, keeping me updated on the latest found cats, keeping my search alive. Carrie, for giving me tips and also showing interest and concern for Cheddar, which meant a lot to me.”





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