Cat Lost at Campground is Reunited with Her Family After a Year

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Mia ran through a broken screen door at a cabin while traveling with her family and was missing for a year until a local woman spotted her and helped bring about a happy reunion.

Mia and her kitty sibling Missy traveled with the Tucker family from their Hot Springs, Arkansas home to an Alabama campground last March, where they stayed in a cabin. The night they arrived, Mia escaped through a screen door.

“I put her in the room, walked out, when I started to get Missy, Mia walked out the screen door and it was pitch dark there,” said Bill Tucker.

Though the family planned a short stay to attend a relative’s graduation in Georgia, they stayed at the campground for several days, searching for the missing cat. They returned home, but did not give up on Mia. They put ads in the local paper and returned to the campground to continue the search.

“In May we bought a new pickup truck and a new camper and took off after her to find her, we were going to stay as long as it took,” said Mr. Tucker.

The Tuckers didn’t find Mia on their visits but they had help from a stranger, a local Alabama woman named Cheryle Nevels, who learned about Mia through the newspaper ads.

“I spoke with her, she was just so distraught over losing her cat, and I’m a pet person, love cats and dogs and I said well you know I can help you, I’m not that far from the location,” Ms. Nevels said.

The search for Mia finally reached a happy conclusion after Ms. Nevels spotted her peeping out from under a cabin two doors down from the one where the Tuckers stayed in March 2013.

“When I saw those beautiful eyes I said this is 90 percent, I’m 90 percent sure this is the cat,” Ms. Nevels told KATV, adding “I was so happy.”

Mr. Tucker says he believes Mia stayed close by waiting for her family.  Once, home, she was back to her old self; heading right to her food and playing in the bathroom sink as she used to do.


KATV ABC 7 reportson the heartwarming story:

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  1. For any one here who lost a Cat i know the feeling. I lost a Calico cat Female Grey Ornge & White. Name Nellie Hunter Rubinelli. It was at a camping Gound I rely don’t know it’s been a long time ago. Like 1997 that’s how long. So I know how it is. If you have found her please let me know.????????

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