Cat Leaps Through Fire to Escape Burning Home

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Kasper was badly burned after jumping out a window of his family’s Bend, OR home last Monday afternoon. None of his people were home at the time of the fire but someone on the outside saw him jump through the hottest part of the fire to save himself. A firefighter who had been unable to earn his trust pointed out the traumatized cat hiding behind a refrigerator on the carport to homeowner Diann Hollowell when she arrived at the scene.

Diann coaxed Kasper out and brought him to Animal Emergency Center in Bend for treatment. The cat has serious burns on 30% of his body, has lost most of his fur, and has blistered paw pads and ears. He is recuperating at the emergency center, wrapped in bandages, with a feeding tube and a morphine drip.

The Hollowell family, Diann, her husband Beau, and their young son Tristan, lost nearly everything in the fire and are trying to keep Kasper alive and see that he recovers. Diann and Beau got the cat as a kitten a year ago for Tristan. The parents visited Kasper on Thursday, when these photos were taken.

Local rescue organization 31 Paws has teamed up with Animal Emergency Center to help the Hollowell family pay for Kasper’s care. A vet from the clinic said Kasper’s prognosis for recovery is good if he can make it through the next few days without developing respiratory problems. He is expected to remain in the clinic for another week, and may go home with a clinic staffer for a month or two in order to receive regular ongoing care as he recovers. The cost of his treatment is expected to run to at least a few thousand dollars.

31 PAWS is accepting donations to help with Kasper’s medical bills, and asks that donors specify that their funds be used for Kasper’s care. Donations can be made through the donation page at the 31 PAWS website HERE.

7 thoughts on “Cat Leaps Through Fire to Escape Burning Home”

  1. Hang in there, Kasper: day by day, heal, grow stronger, and slowly get well.
    I send you my love, little one, and courage to your family.

  2. God Bless Him, I am so glad he is being taken care of…if you will send me the name of the Vet providing his care I will be glad to send a donation toward his bill. I am so grateful for the kind people who take care of these babies.

  3. I so hope Kasper pulls through. You hear so many animals dont make it out, but he has a strong will to live. Please pull through Kasper, your family needs you. His recuperating will build faith in the families heart that things will get better. God bless you Kasper. How do we keep up with news on Kaspers recovery?

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