Cat Lady Dating Ad

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A satirical video dating ad for a young cat lady having trouble attracting men

(during the filming of this video kitty was let out of the fridge by the “sound guy” just after “jessica” left the room)

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  1. time out for a cat?????? Really… my cat would tell me were to go and how fast to get there ….. LOL

  2. This is hillarious! This is a satire – think saturdy night live….making fun of crazy cat ladies- love it!

  3. OMG that woman is never gonna get anybody!!! She’s whacked!!!! I’d never put my cats in the fridge!!! Sick N Twisted!!!!!

  4. Jeez, people, what part of “satire” don’t you get? It’s MADE UP, there isn’t a real woman doing that!

  5. WELL SORRY!!!!!!!!!! Just making a dang comment that people that put their cats in the refrigerator are sick n twisted. Dang, don’t we still have opinions in this f’ing country?????????

  6. WHATEVER. I have two cats that are very spoiled, very loved, and never abused!!!! Doesn’t make sense to me.

  7. It is really sad that people have no sense of humor on this page- it was a joke and no animals were harmed- it is sad that the only stories where comments are kept on the site are for those stories that are negative and depressing

  8. … And links to other similar content ’cause that might impact advertising revenue on the blog site? Tut tut. FB is about sharing. Once I get to a property laptop it’s time to “unlike” my membership.

  9. No need to see the video. I could see by the image the kitty was terrified and avoiding this lunatic. Cats do not understand punishment and for treats or food or whatever it was? The woman is f**cked in the head. This is why animals are sent to pounds and poor creatures put up with this sh*t because of idiot humans. Like to smack her silly and steal the cat. All the kitty thinks is this woman is f*cked. Here we go again. And she is.

  10. Call it what you want. The fact remains, some things are no joking matter…..animal abuse, child abuse, elder abuse, any abuse. Save the satire.

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