Cat is Tops in Toes for Guinness World Record

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Paws, a 28-toed polydactyl cat, has tied the Guinness World Record for most toes on a cat.  With three extra on each forepaw and one extra each her back paws, matching Jake, a Canadian ginger.  Of Jake the current record states:

The cat with most toes is Jake, who has 28 toes – seven on each paw – as counted by a veterinarian on 24 September 2002. Jake lives in Bonfield, Ontario, Canada, with his owners Michelle and Paul Contant (Canada). The vet officially counted these toes on 24 September 2002, with each toe having its own claw, pad and bone structure. Jake is a male ginger tabby cat.

Also known as a “Hemingway Cat,” named for the famed author who had a fondness for polydactyl felines, Paws may be getting her own entry, and with all those amazing tootsies, owner Jeanne Martin reminds the veterinarian at claw trimming time of the ten extra digits. The best part? No extra charge.




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