Cat is rescued from burning home and revived by firefighters

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Striker is revived outside of his burning home by a Clackamas County firefighter.


An Oregon cat named Striker was revived with a pet oxygen mask by firefighters who rescued him from his burning home Saturday night.

Clackamas Fire District #1 wrote at Twitter on February 1: Last night a cat was pulled from a house fire not breathing FFs were able to revive him using a pet resuscitation kit.

Striker was looking lifeless when firefighters pulled him from his burning home in  Clackamas County Saturday night, according to Brandon Paxton with the Clackamas Fire District.

“It was unconscious and not breathing,” he said.

The family was not at home when the fire broke out at around 8 p.m. and Striker and another cat were home alone.  Sadly, the other cat did not make it.

Paxton said the fire was “well developed” when crews arrived and began searching the for any people or pets who may have been trapped inside.

“Our first priority is human life and second to that is property conservation and saving lives of animals,” he said. “That’s an important part of what we do.”

Clackamas Fire has had their pet resuscitation kits for about five years and firefighters typically use them 2 or 3 times a year.  Paxton added that while the kits are not used very often, they are an important resource that means everything to the families of the pets that need them.



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