Cat is Regular on TV News Program

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This cat does not bomb newscasts. She is a regular, on-air personality featured on a current affairs program at Shuukan News Shinso, or Weekly News Digest of Japan. While commentators opine,  Nyaanya strolls across the news desk and head butts the hosts or flops down in front of  guests, according to Brian Ashcroft of Kotaku.

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(Kotaku/Shuukan News)

The report explains that the four-month-old calico kitten was rescued from a factory dumpster. She replaces the previous news mascot, Maggo, who died recently. The show held a well-attended memorial for him, according to Kotaku.

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The report explains that the show deals with serious issues, such as relations between Japan and China. “Having a cat, I think, takes the edge off such weighty issues, and perhaps gets guests to relax a bit,” explains Ashcroft.

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(Kotaku/Shuukan News)

Nyaanya is reportedly friskier than Maggo and very friendly. She’s been known to nibble on important papers. Guests respond very well to the cat. Video clips how her, tail raised, as she politely asks for a little attention while the experts hold forth. They oblige by petting her as they carry on debating  weighty matters. Apparently Japanese pundits can be serious without taking themselves too seriously.

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(Kotaku/Shuushan News)



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