Cat Hypnotizes Snake and Saves Owner

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It was a normal enough day in Mirani, Australia, when Denise Thyne was tending to her garden.  Little did she realize what lurked beneath the garden hose as she picked it up to water her roses.

When she grabbed the hose, the reptile who had been lounging in the warmth of the sun, struck, biting her in the hand.  Thyne said she didn’t notice the snake at all until she felt the sting and that’s when Skitzo, her cat, went into action.  The cat stealthily approached the reptile giving it a concentrated stare, then pounced on and killed it.

Thyne turned over the snake to reveal it was red-bellied black snake of the deadly variety.  She is presently recovering in the hospital, this being the fourth time in her life she has been bitten by a snake.  Key to her successful recovery was the fact that she didn’t panic as increased stress and activity will speed any venom through the bloodstream.  Doctors suggest anyone bitten should stay calm and immediately contact the proper authorities.

She was lucky on two accounts. First, after being examined, it was discovered that she very fortunately had not been poisoned through the bite.  In that region of Queensland, 58 people have visited the emergency room  this year having suffered a snake bite with 11 people just in the current month.  Second, that Skitzo was on the alert and readily took care of the problem.  Thyne states that her mother said it would be a snake that ultimately kills her, but clearly, it will not happen under Skitzo’s watch.

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