Cat Hides in Kitchen Stove and Survives Wildfire

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The Fort McMurry wildfire in Alberta, Canada nearly claimed a cat’s life, but the quick-thinking cat hopped into the kitchen stove and survived the blaze.

When the fire quickly encroached on the Lishchynsky house, the family only had about 15 minutes of warning. They quickly began to pack their valuables into their car, and loaded their dog. When they turned back to get their cats, the fire had surrounded the house, blocking the family from entering.

While the family escaped, the fire sadly destroyed nearly everything inside the house. Thankfully a firefighter happened to look into the kitchen stove, which had fallen over. He discovered Tux the cat trapped inside. Tux’s paws had been burned, and the firefighters wrapped the cat’s paws and posted his picture on social media. The Lishchynsky family was happily reunited with Tux, and has also learned that at least one of their other cats also escaped the fire.

So how did Tux manage to survive? Firefighters hypothesize that some sort of explosion blew out the glass from the front of the stove. Tux hopped inside for shelter, and the stove fell over, trapping the cat inside. However, this position also protected Tux from the heat of the fire, leading to the cat’s incredible survival.

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