Cat Goes Out For Pack Of Treats; Returns 3 Years Later

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Liquorice showed up back home in her family’s garden after a 3 year disappearance. Pet mom Karen Griggs wonders if some other family is missing her now.

Karen Griggs, of Wiltshire, UK, tells how her cat Liquorice recently showed up back at home after an unexplained three year absence, saying when she spotted a familiar looking black cat out in the garden one day last week she went out to investigate, saying a little prayer. The cat was indeed 8 year old Liquorice, though Ms. Griggs and her husband Jimmy do plan to take her to the vet and have her microchip scanned to verify it.

The Griggs’ looked for their missing cat for about a month after she disappeared in 2008. She had been known to stay away for a day or two in the past, but never more than that, so the couple eventually gave up hope of ever seeing her again. Ms. Griggs wondered if Liquorice had been taken away on on of the many canal boats at the nearby Bradford on Avon Marina. She also wonders if Liquorice’s disappearance has to do with her being affected by the death of the family’s other cat, Jelly, about a month before.

The family dog, Solomon, is still with the family, and Ms. Griggs says it’s wonderful to see the errant cat and the steadfast dog reacquainting themselves with one another.

Liquorice, who lived with the Griggs family from the time she was a kitten, seems to be in very good condition and looks like she has been well cared for, so Ms. Griggs wonders if she has been living somewhere with another family who may be missing her now.

11 thoughts on “Cat Goes Out For Pack Of Treats; Returns 3 Years Later”

  1. I wouldn’t let him out, with all the crazies out nowadays. It can be dangerous for a cat :/

  2. Haha this reminds me of my old cat Sammy. He was gaining weight and would disappear for a night or two every once in awhile. Later, we found out a neighbor down the street had “adopted” him and named him Steve. He was getting fed and sleeping over at both houses!

  3. Something similar happened to one of my cats several years ago. When I rescued him, he was in bad shape, I originally thought that he had been hit by a car and was dead (he was laying behind my car in a parking lot). He was coated with fleas, ticks, oil and mud, and was skin and bones. He was dehydrated and had a nasty respiratory infection. I didn’t think he would live through the first night. Anyway, the little guy surprised all of us, and he is so friendly to everyone (not necessarily a good thing!!!) He is definitely an outdoor cat and we were unable to get him to change his ways. A couple of years he went missing, and my kids and I were frantic. We looked every where for him… and then a couple of weeks later, my son found him, schmucking it up with a couple of little neighbor girls a few streets over. He explained to their mother that Shebashtin was our kitty and she allowed my son to take him. A few minutes later, the two little girls came to our house and asked if they could visit sometimes. I did feel so badly that the little girls lost Shebashtin, but I was so happy to have him back. This cat has cheated death more times than I can count since we rescued him… his respiratory infection is chronic, and when it flairs up, he always requires antibiotics and fluids, and then when he was out on one of his jaunts, we think that he was hit by a car because he came back and his hip was broken. His prefered place to sit now is sideways on stairs so that he can stick his hind leg out straight. I wish I could get him to stay inside, but he’s a quick little bugger, and he’s learned how to work the screen doors, lol… Since he’s older now, he’s content to stay within the block and I don’t see him crossing the streets anymore. I still worry about him everytime I see him go outside…

  4. Bless YOU, Lord! Thank you dear Lord for keeping Liquorice and Kathryn’s kitty, Shebashtin safe and sound. 🙂

  5. yeah you have to let them be theirselves just like we as humans are. good luck with him and be sure he loves you and depends on you!

  6. have a friend who has a cat that sleeps at the place where he used to live down the street. the owner moved away and gave him to my friend but he constantly goes back to where he lived during the day and he comes home to rosas at night to eat. his name is “gordo” which means fatty in portuguese! hahaha he is a happy boy!

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