Cat Found in Kmart Ceiling is Back Home After 2 Years

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REUNITED: Tammy Allen with her children, Luke, 12, and Jess, 8, of South Lismore reunited with their cat “Miffy” after it went missing two years ago.
Patrick Gorbunovs/The Northern Star

Miffy went missing two years ago,  and was reunited with her stunned and delighted family last week after she was found living in the roof of a Kmart store, where she kept setting off the alarms.

Miffy is the beloved companion of Lismore NSW, Australia resident Tammy Allen and her two children, Luke and Jessica.

Two and a half years ago Miffy and her family moved from the area near the Lismore Shopping Square, where the Kmart is located, to Lismore Heights. Six months later she went missing.  Tammy’s searches brought up no trace of Miffy and she eventually gave up hope of ever seeing her again.

Miffy was found by workers in the Kmart on Wednesday and was taken to the vet, where a routine microchip scan led authorities to contact her family, who are now living in south Lismore.

Tammy recounts the call from a ranger: ” ‘Have you got a cat called Miffy?’ [he asked] and I told him, well, not anymore, Miffy died a few years ago – he replied ‘well actually, no she didn’t.”

Tammy says Miffy was familiar with the Square when the family lived closeby, and was probably drawn to the spot in her travels.

Tammy told a reporter from The Northern Star on Saturday that Miffy is doing well settling back in with her family, better than expected in fact.

Miffy is skittish of loud noises but has reclaimed her old spot on Tammy’s bed and has begun to respond to her name.

Miffy looks good and appears to have been cared for by someone until fairly recently. Tammy figures someone thought she was a stray and took her in, and she is grateful to the person who cared for her cat.

Miffy was wearing a pink collar with her name on it when she went missing; the ranger said she was wearing a white collar when found.

As to the cat’s whereabouts for the past two years, and what led her to the Kmart: “It would be good if she could talk – where have you been the last two years?” Tammy said.


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