Cat Found In A Box Is Back Home

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A cat with a feeding tube found in a plastic bag in a box in Toronto last month is now back home. The OSPCA determined that she ended up there accidentally and there was no abuse involved. It is being called a happy ending to the case.

The cat, who has been called Wilma during her time away from home, was found on May 29 by a Toronto city works crew who investigated when they saw a box outside of a shopping plaza wiggling. Toronto Animal Services then took the cat, a female determined to be 1 to 2 years old.

Animal services found that the cat had a surgically implanted feeding tube coming out of her side, which was shaved. They set about contacting veterinary clinics to try to identify the cat and her owner, and took her to Rouge Valley Animal Hospital to have the tube removed and get her health assessed. The cat was found to be healthy.

Toronto Animal services asked the public for information about the cat, or the leaving off of the box at the shopping plaza. Widespread local media coverage asked the public if anyone recognized her.

The Toronto Star reported last Friday that the cat had been packed up accidentally and was back home. Her owner is said to have been packing up boxes to donate to charity when the cat jumped into a bag inside of one of the boxes and was accidentally taken out in the sealed box and left off at the plaza at 4220 Midland Ave. near Steeles Ave in Toronto, where she was found.

OSPCA says they are satisfied that the incident was accidental and there was no abuse involved.  The feeding tube had been inserted after the cat ingested a chemical that hurt her throat. Wilma is back home, in what the paper calls a happy ending.



3 thoughts on “Cat Found In A Box Is Back Home”

  1. Obviously the box wasn’t taped up or the cat couldn’t have gotten inside. If the cat didn’t make its presence known, the owner wouldn’t have known it was inside. Glad they found her!

  2. I wonder if this is such a happy ending. I don’t believe this cat is safe with the former owner who may not be capable of taking care of it at best, or at worst, this cat could possibly be the victim of intetional cruelty. Poor cat should not have been given back to such an owner in my opinion.

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