Cat Found Duct Taped and Dumped at Shelter Is Recovering

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Amigo recovering at Baldwin Park after the duct tape was removed from his face and paws.
Via County of  Los Angeles Department of Animal Care and Control at Facebook

A 2 year old cat named Amgio is recovering well after being found dumped at a shelter with his face and paws bound in duct tape.

Amigo was found this morning at the Los Angeles County Animal Care and Control’s Baldwin Park Animal Care Center, which serves Walnut and Industry. An employee discovered him in a lower level parking garage, lying in a banana box with his face and paws bound with red duct tape.  Medical staff were able to remove the tape and the cat gasped for air as his face was uncovered.

DACC reported that the cat, who was named for the brand printed on the banana box, was doing well after the tape was removed. Amigo will be placed in foster care for rehabilitation to help him heal from the distress of his ordeal. The public will be advised when he is available for adoption.

The agency says they have no information on who bound and then left the cat at the shelter, and is calling the duct taping an act of animal cruelty.

“I can’t imagine why someone would do this to this cat,” said DACC Director, Marcia Mayeda. “Animal cruelty is heartbreaking, intolerable, and usually a precursor to human violence.”

There has already been considerable interest in adopting Amigo. Those who wish to apply can email DACC at [email protected].

Amigo, as found in the banana box, with his face and paws duct taped.

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