Cat Expert and 100 Black Cats Upend Halloween Superstitions


New nonprofit book signals the end of negative black cat stereotypes with the aim to boost shelter adoption rates.  Celebrity cats are featured.


(Hartsdale, NY) – Oct 11, 2017  – The odds of a black cat being adopted in a shelter are 50% less than any other color. The crazy reason stems from outdated superstitions linking black cats with evil witches and the devil. Every Halloween these stereotypes are reinforced. With Halloween spending projected to hit a record 9.1 billion this year, Layla and the black cats offer an opportunity to change perceptions.


A black cat army of pawsitivity assembled by New York cat expert, Layla Morgan Wilde, includes celebrity cats Cole and Marmalade (the #1 cat video content producer); Tater from the #1 NatGeo show, The Incredible Dr. Pol; Snuckles, SF Giant’s baseball darling along with dozens of Instagram influencers from around the world will bring smiles and change minds one adoption at a time. They’ll even dress up in the silliest Halloween costumes to make their point: black cats are adorable and adoptable.


Layla Morgan Wilde says,”I’ve seen black cats languish in shelters and euthanized more often simply because of the color of their fur. It so infuriated me, I was determined to root through the myths to find the truth and do something about it.  We live in an era of fake news, and I feel a responsibility to cats and those who love them, to tell the truth. In fact, I traced back the source of black cat superstition to one pivotal event in 1233 that changed the course of history.


The cats featured in Black Cats Tell All dare to tell all with their words and images. Their true tales, whether by a celebrity cat  or the cat next door, along with their amusing purrsonality profiles shed a bright light on a dark subject.”


Author info:
Layla Morgan Wilde, cat expert, and advocate, with over 20 years experience, founded the Annex Cat Rescue in 1997 and Cat Wisdom 101 in 2011. She is also an award-winning blogger/photographer. In 2016, Cat Wisdom 101 launched the #BlackCatAwarenessMonth initiative.Book info:

  • Release date on Oct.24 Barnes & Noble Available now on Amazon
  • Blurbs by several NY Times bestselling authors.

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