Cat Daddy Jumbo and Sons’ Playtime

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Petparent and video creator Sweetfur writes: “As a Happy 1st Birthday and Father’s Day celebration special, we created a video from clips filmed when cat daddy Jumbo Pillow’s exotic shorthair male kittens (Muffin, Bun Bun, and Ducky) were 7 months old. These were the days of father-and-son bonding during playtime. With the kittens maturing to the size of their daddy, you can see the striking resemblance Bun Bun and Jumbo have. Can you tell them apart in all of the clips?

“A couple of the kittens, Bun Bun and Ducky, have been adopted by our family and friends. Their loving families dote on them tremendously, and regularly update us with pictures and videos. They have grown to Jumbo’s size close to 10 lbs, and have just entered adulthood on their first birthday (June 5th). Here’s to a Happy 1st Birthday to them and Muffin.”

The Sweetfur kitties have been featured in several very popular videos.






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