Cat Colonies in the Bronx and Their Caretakers

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The Bronx lacks a public shelter, so individuals care for homeless cats. Video maker Jasmeet Sidhu’s visited some of the women caring for them and recorded them talking about what they do and why they do it.

7 thoughts on “Cat Colonies in the Bronx and Their Caretakers”

  1. These women are angels, why doesnt the Bronx have their own shelter?Maybe localpoliticians and local residents get together to work out something for these cats.

  2. So impressive. Of course, I would love to help since I am cat lover. I have been feeding those stray cats in my home area. I would love to adopt them all but vet expenses are too expensive these days. Shame, isn’t it? I have 2 indoor cats and few stray cats from outside.

  3. The documentary is well done – it is impressive that there are a variety of women from all over the Bronx who help the homeless cats in constructive ways. I would hope this film could be used for advocacy purposes within the borough.

  4. Amazing and God Bless the women and people taking care of them. I have five furbabies of my own. We need to open the eyes of the public. We are NOT crazy cat women. We are caretakers and have big hearts. These fur babies know they are loved and somehow show us back.

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