Cat Calls 911, Prompting Police Response

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Image source: Ames Pet Hospital Facebook Page
Image source: Ames Pet Hospital Facebook Page

Smudge the kitten still has much to learn about the importance of only calling 911 in a true emergency.

Smudge, who is just ten months old, dialed 911 using one of the phones at the Iowa Ames Pet Hospital, where she is a resident. The phone had a button which was pre-programmed to dial 911, and Smudge stepped on the button, activating a call to the emergency service. The 911 operator found no response on the other end of the line, but standard policy is to send an officer to the source of a call, even when no one speaks on the other end of the line.

When the officer arrived at the pet hospital, it was discovered that none of the employees had made the call. However, staff eventually realized that it was likely Smudge herself who had made the call.

While the officer was forgiving of the situation, hospital staff had some fun, taking Smudge’s mug shot and even taking her paw prints to enter her into “the system.” You can see them all on the Ames Pet Hospital Facebook page.

Hopefully Smudge has learned her lesson and will save her 911-dialing abilities for true emergencies.

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