Cat Cafe Owner Learns She’s Allergic to Cats

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Image source: Pounce Cat Cafe via Facebook
Image source: Pounce Cat Cafe via Facebook

It’s every cat lover’s worst nightmare. Imagine if you were allergic to your cats. What would you do?

For Ashley Brooks, co-owner of the Pounce Cat Cafe in Charleston, South Carolina, that nightmare became a reality.

Brooks grew up with multiple cats in her home, and always suffered from congestion, which she brushed off. She discovered that if she touched her face her eyes would itch, so she logically decided to just stop touching her face. Problem solved.

But last summer, while Brooks was preparing for Pounce’s opening, she developed a skin condition that she just couldn’t get past. A month after Pounce opened, Brooks gave in and went to the doctor.

And it was then that she learned she is allergic to cats. And dogs, mold, grass, and dust mites.

Brooks was a bit stunned by the news, as any cat lover would be. However, she’s determined to continue on with her cat-loving life. Business is going well at the Pounce Cat Cafe, and Brooks expects that between 15 and 20 cats will be adopted during the cafe’s first month of operation.

As for Brooks? She’ll be getting allergy shots to help establish immunotherapy, and hopefully she can continue to hang out with cats without any irritating symptoms.

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