Cat, Brutally Burnt and Stabbed, Fights for Life

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burnt cat
This cat was found burnt and stabbed Sunday evening at a cemetery. Rescuers believe he is domesticated, not feral, and was used as part of a ritual. He is presently fighting for his life (Photo: WFFA News)

Fort Worth Police and Firefighters stumbled across a male cat, apparently domesticated, at what appeared to be a ritual of some sort, in a historic cemetery amid candles, a knife, cigars, and a crucifix, among other items.  The cat was severely burned and an Animal Hope spokesperson, a rescue group based in south Fort Worth, said accelerant of some type could be smelled and it appears the animal was also stabbed.

It is highly likely the cat was used as some part of a sacrifice or ritual and he continues to cling to life. Ben Morris told WFAA reporter,Todd Unger, “He’s got a lot of road to hoe.  He’s in bad shape.”

Additional details are presented Unger’s news report, below.  Investigations is currently underway by the animal cruelty detective police announced today, Tuesday, and multiple items collected at the scene have been sent out for DNA analysis. The public is asked for any assistance with this case and may contact detectives at 817-392-3909.




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