Cat Bros Go Camping With Women Who Rescued Them

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Bolt and Keel go camping so often they each have their own sleeping bag for trips into the wilds of British Columbia, where they enjoy canoeing with the two nature-loving women who rescued them. Like many stray-cat-finds-human tales, this one began inauspiciously enough. But it soon evolved into an inspiring adventure story.

(Image: Kayleen VanderRee)

Friends Kayleen VanderRee and Danielle Gumbley were looking forward to another weekend camping trip last July when they stopped at a park. As VanderRee tossed out some trash, she heard a kitten meowing and looked around. First one then a second kitten appeared from behind a bush, and she called Gumbley over to figure out what to do about the two strays. It was truly one of those, “We can’t just leave them here moments,” according to VanderRee. “They didn’t seem to belong to anyone and we were worried about the cougars, bears, and eagles in the area.”


They took the kittens home with them, thinking to drop them off at a local shelter, but the shelter was closed. And VanderRee and Gumbley were all set to leave on a two-day canoeing trip. The solution? Take the cats along! The kittens instantly bonded with VanderRee and Gumbley, who tucked them in their backpacks. (You can read more about their story on their amazing blog).

(Image: Kayleen VanderRee)

The two felines quickly showed that they could adapt and enjoy some serious trail time with VanderRee and Gumbley. (Don’t worry. Bolt and Keel get carried when they’re tired.)


VanderRee enjoys documenting their camping trips together and taking photographs for the cats’ Instagram account. The photos are beautiful and inspiring.


They also have their own blog, Bolt and Keel, Brothers and Adventure Cats.

(Image: Kayleen VanderRee)

The cats are assumed to be brothers. Both use leashes and life jackets as needed. Bolt is the fluffy cat and Keel is the shorthair.


They also enjoy kayaking, sailing and snowshoeing. Next on the agenda? Rock climbing.


The two brothers are getting a lot of social media attention. Their career goal is to be invited to appear on the Ellen Degeneres Show. In the meantime, they continue to answer the call of the wild.

(Image: Kayleen VanderRee)

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