Cat Bears Eerie Resemblance to Star Wars Character Kylo Ren

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Image source: Monmouth County SPCA Instagram
Image source: Monmouth County SPCA Instagram

For one rescue cat, his uncanny resemblance to Star Wars character Kylo Ren helped to find him a home.

The rescue cat, Corey, was put up for adoption by the Monmouth County, New Jersey SPCA. When his picture was posted to the SPCA’s Facebook page, it was shared and liked thousands of times. Marci Robin, editor of xoVain, commented that the cat looked just like Adam Driver, who played Kylo Ren in the blockbuster movie “Star Wars: The Force Awakens.” Corey’s unusual nose and ears do give him a unique appearance, and this “doppelganger” effect quickly made the cat a social media sensation.

The increased visibility led to increased interest in Corey’s adoption, and an interested family was set to adopt the cat. This spelled bad news for Emily McCoombs of Brooklyn, who fell in love with Corey’s unique appearance. McCoombs didn’t have a car and lived over 50 miles from the SPCA, but when Corey’s potential adoptive family backed out, she knew she had to take action. McCoombs found a friend who drove her to the SPCA, and she signed Corey’s adoption papers that day.

McCoombs has decided to aptly rename Corey as Kylo Ren. She’s created an Instagram page for him, and the cat already has over 10,000 followers. A glance through the photos shoes that Kylo Ren has settled into his new home quite well, and looks to be relaxed and thriving.

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