Cat and Gray Fox Break Bread

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A cat and a fox share sustenance on a recent day outside the window of a biologist in drought ravaged Texas, who says “In my neighborhood there isn’t much standing water or food for wildlife. Here are two very different species cooperating in order to take advantage of some items we put out for them”.

Austin area biologist/ecologist college professor Carl Berman set the scene for this unusual pairing when, knowing their need after months of drought conditions, he set out food and water for neighborhood wildlife in view of a camera he keeps set up in his home’s family room window.

Mr. Berman says the bowls of water along with servings of both cat and dog kibble have drawn foxes, raccoons, possums, feral cats and coati mundis, and that other animals may be visiting late at night. The biologist notes that after a couple of bowls plus a large roasting pan were placed out with water in them the result with visitors coming to refresh themselves was immediate.

In describing the circumstances leading to this remarkable photo of the cat and fox eating peaceably together, Mr Berman explains, “At first, there was a standoff between the kitten and the foxes, which the kitten won hands-down. However, the next night, their differences appeared to be resolved, and they decided that cooperation was better than being hungry and thirsty.”

Though only one fox appeared to eat alongside the cat, Mr. Berman says there are two of the creatures in his neighborhood.

The ecologist sees a parable for humankind in the occurrence, and suggests that we heed the lesson to be learned about joining together cooperatively for the sake of our own survival.


The local news video below contains a brief recap on the story.

16 thoughts on “Cat and Gray Fox Break Bread”

  1. oh my gosh … i’ve a pair of red foxes that visit during the late hours of the night … my “outside” cat(also a stray found under the house)…shares the food i leave out … i thought it was a fluke at first but this just solidifies my belief that we as humans still have much to learn from our four-legged friends …=^.^=blessed be

  2. The drought is very bad in Texas. I hear though that maybe by Sept. 20th we should get rain. My husband and I feed and water deer, birds, squirrels and now a bunny. This drought is bad. Our cats just leave Bunny alone and the dogs don’t even bother it. Maybe it’s just too hot. But we will keep our fingers crossed that the creatures that we care for will make it out of this drought okay.
    That is a great picture of the fox and cat.

  3. It’s been awful here- the animals and trees are really suffering. I keep water out for them but the heat makes it hot even in the shade.

  4. It’s probably a young inexperienced fox or it would have gone after the cat and eaten it. Normally a fox would have no problem with eating a cat.

  5. This fox has been trying to attack my cat. It made these awful noises in the middle of the night, and we had to rush to the door to let our cat in. It has happened 3 times this past week, and my husband wants to shoot it, but afraid he will get into trouble. The fox did not even run when I opened the door, which creeped me out. One time she moved closer to the door going into my bushes by the window. Now I have a lot of anxiety about letting my cat out at night, but if I don’t he freaks out constantly meowing and scratching at the door. The fox has some babies and lives in a field close to the neighbors house by the woods.

  6. Hi Laurie,
    I strongly advise keeping the cat in at night. I think I know the noises you mean, and I don’t think you want to take a chance with your cat’s safety. I truly understand how difficult it is dealing with a cat that wants out.
    Since the fox was so bold when your husband opened the door, you might want to call a wildlife agent with the state or county, or a wildlife specialist operating outside of government, if only to have them check up on the fox to make sure there is no a problem.

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