Cat Alerts Family to Fire

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cat saves couple from fire
Photo via Tucson, Arizona Fire Department

Melvin the cat is being credited with saving his owners and himself from the smoke and fire that engulfed their trailer home in Tucson, AZ in the overnight hours between Thursday night and Friday morning.

Melvin showed persistence in waking the couple he lives with, who told firefighters from the Tucson Fire Department they were able to escape because Melvin woke them up in time for them to escape and call for help. Melvin woke his family by meowing repeatedly and “aggressively” in the man’s face, according to Fire Capt. Barrett Baker, in a very uncharacteristic way.  The man smelled smoke after he’d been awakened, woke his wife, grabbed Melvin, and all went outside through a rear door. Once outside, they saw flames coming from inside the home and the woman called 911.

The Tucson Fire Department responded to the fire call shortly after 1 am Friday morning with eight units and 21 firefighters, and had the fire out in minutes. The trailer’s kitchen and seating area were destroyed.

Thanks to Melvin, there were no injuries. The Red cross offered assistance to the burned out family.


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