Castaway Calico Has a Name!

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After readers cast their votes, the mysterious cat who washed up on Governors Island last month finally has a name.

And the winner is….(drum roll, please): Molly Brown! The name, of course, is derived from the famous “Unsinkable Molly Brown,” from the ill-fated Titanic voyage. After helping row a lifeboat for hours, rescuing survivors, Molly Brown was recognized as a hero upon her return to the US. She led the Titanic Survivors’ Committee which supported immigrants who had lost everything in the disaster, and was part of a team to have a memorial erected to the Titanic survivors in Washington, DC.

The other names in the final round of voting were Ginger, Mary Ann, Buttermilk, and Salty. Molly Brown will greet guests when Governors Island opens at the end of the month. Now the sea-swept kitty has a name and a home.

6 thoughts on “Castaway Calico Has a Name!”

  1. I lived in VA about 5-6 years ago, a commercial fishing boat was going out through chessapeak bay to fish for the day and came accross a kitten in the middle of the ocean floating , swimming and crying, No idea how it came to be there but they rescued the little thing. I hope neither of these cats came to be in this situation due to malicious acts but unfortunatly that may be the case. BUT thankfully they were found and saved 🙂

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