Casper’s Story: Lost, Found, Given Away, & Found Again

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Casper’s tale bounces from happy to sad, then fortunately, back to happy, but it also speaks to fate and that sometimes it intervenes in the strangest of ways.

Shared as The Animal Rescue Site’s Rescue of the Week, Casper was first found as a kitten in a CVS parking lot. He was a little wild, so the family got another another kitten, Alfred, and the two became best friends. Two years after they had adopted their furbabies, there was an unexpected upheaval that required the family move and, as a result, were only able to take one of the cats. Alfred, being the more reserved of the two and more suited to the lengthy car ride was going with them.  Casper was rehomed with another family.

Some 18 months later, while looking at Facebook, a picture popped up that appeared to be a skinny version of Casper.  He had been found and the people posting had no idea to whom he belonged or from where he had come.  The family was astounded, learning this was indeed Casper, their former happy, healthy 20-pound cat, now emaciated and homeless.  Apparently, the family to which he had been given moved away and simply left him to his own devices.  When rescued, he had been living without food and shelter for somewhere between two and three months, in the Maine wilderness.

The entire family was crushed to find out Casper’s situation, feeling guilty at having left him behind and angry at the family they had trusted.  Instead of taking Casper with them or, at the very least, trying to reach back to them, they seemed to feel he was disposable, leaving him completely all alone. It was agreed they needed to get Casper back, arranging to meet the family who had found him halfway to pick him up, once again reuniting all of them, including Alfred and dog, Tobi.

What is amazing about Casper’s story is that in spite of what happened, his family trying to do the right thing when they were put into a bad position, a new family leaving him behind, and his being rescued by another caring family that posted his picture and hoped the universe may in some small way intervene, he wound up, through remarkable circumstances, coming back into the arms of those who loved him.  Seems fate had a both a plan and a hand in making sure this kitty was returned to the right home.


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