Caring Animal Control Staff Helps Injured Kitten

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A cat thought to have climbed into a car engine and endured a terrible accident lost his back feet and will undergo surgery thanks to the dedication of his city’s AC department staffers.

The Providence, RI Animal Control staffer who rescued the kitty appears with him in this local news video. The NBC affiliate broadcast is helping gather community support to help the handsome little fellow.

Despite losing his back feet he seems to be in good shape and good spirits unfazed as he makes his appearance on camera. He is currently on pain meds and antibiotics.

2 thoughts on “Caring Animal Control Staff Helps Injured Kitten”

  1. is th3ere some sort of chipin for him? and please before you start your car beat on the hood! please!!! especially if it is a bit cold outside..

  2. I this they should name him “Stubby”! Poor little guy! I wish I had money to donate but I have to get surgery and shots for my kitty and her three siblings. (They just need shots) and I can’t afford that!

    Good luck to you Stubby!

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