“Can’t You See I’m Sleeping??”

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Kitty tries to pretend she is sleeping but the tail gives her away. (turn up sound)

4 thoughts on ““Can’t You See I’m Sleeping??””

  1. Same here! I grew up with kitties that wagged their tail to let you know they were about to attempt forceful surgery on you, so when I got one that wagged his tail to say he was happy, it was the most surprising thing. Kept expecting him to fly for my face. lol

  2. My cat (who is orange and looks just like this cutie) pretends he is asleep every morning when I leave for work, as if in protest. No matter that he was wide awake seconds before I grab my keys (the telltale sign of imminent departure) or that he I can tell he is faking because he is squeezing his eyes shut which he obviously does not do when he is really asleep. Thanks for posting this sweet video. What would the world be like without cats?! Hopefully we will never know…..

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