Campbell, Kitten Missing Lower Jaw, Gets Help

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By Karen Harrison Binette


Being a kitten, alone on the streets of Detroit, isn’t easy. It’s even more difficult if you’re missing most of your lower jaw.

That’s how Campbell arrived at the Michigan Humane Society’s Detroit Center for Animal Care. He was found as a stray with significant injuries to his face. His lower jaw was so mangled that he could barely eat.

You can imagine the outcome for this tiny kitten if he wasn’t brought in to the shelter.

Thankfully, MHS veterinarians were able to clean his wounds and get him on the path to recovery.

After significant time in a foster home, Campbell was back to acting like any other curious and playful kitten and is currently awaiting his forever home at the MHS Detroit Center for Animal Care.

Campbell’s caregivers don’t know how he sustained his injuries, but are happy he can now lead a good life.


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  1. No, this did not help me at all! I have a kitten born 12 hours ago that is missing the middle of lower jaw and has it’s lip split, obviously where it’s missing the rest of jaw. I am trying to find info about this. Is proving mostly impossible! Could you provide me with anything, as far as what to do? Thank you.

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